Baby & Toddler Sessions for 0-3 years

Scientific research has shown that babies are born with the ability to distinguish all the possible sounds of the world languages. Words, sounds and intonation will be naturally absorbed during a critical period of a child’s linguistic development. Young babies and toddlers have a greater capacity for tuning into foreign language sounds than at any other time in their lives, therefore a 'good' accent is much harder to master later and developing an ear for what 'sounds right' becomes impossible for some older children.
Exposing your baby/toddler to another language as early as possible will enable him/her to be better equipped with the necessary perceptual skills for learning and for speaking it with a new perfect accent!
Coming to a La Jolie Ronde Baby and Toddler Session provides all of the above. It is more beneficial than just using multimedia language learning resources with a small child because ‘human interaction has been found to be crucial for language development in small children’, says leading language expert Patricia Kuhl.

Activities used within the sessions engage all the senses & promote skills needed for other areas of learning. Studies show that children learning another language perform better at literacy & numeracy for example than those who haven’t been exposed to another language. La Jolie Ronde classes offer all the benefits of other early learning classes such as music groups, sing and sign activities and other sensory classes, but with the additional benefit of providing a child with a "skill for life” thus equipping them for an increasingly global & competitive world.

Programmes and Sessions

La Jolie Ronde’s Baby and Toddler Programme is available in French and Spanish and has been designed for use with parents and babies or children aged up to 3 years.

La Jolie Ronde offers authentic sounds of the French/Spanish language. The sessions are a mix of fun, interactive language based activities, designed for babies and toddlers aged 0-3 years.

The sessions are about exposing toddlers to the language through exploration & play. Babies and Toddlers will learn via a combination of sounds and activities delivered through action songs, rhymes, stories, role play and fun craft activities. Most importantly the toddlers will learn at their own pace. Parent/Carer participation is important. Not only do they become involved, babies and toddlers become more confident and less inhibited; a great 'social' occasion as well as opportunity for Parents/Carers to explore & learn as well.

Sessions are delivered in a friendly, safe and caring environment. The programme concentrates on concepts the toddler is already familiar with in everyday life, covering 14 topics. Therefore he or she is not learning a new concept with a new language but a new language while doing or talking about something they know.

Our teddy bear, Bonbon or Caramelo, will play an integral part in the programme.

The La Jolie Ronde CDs will expose your child to the correct sounds of the language. Different voices (authentic voices of very young children & adults) and engaging sounds will entertain the babies and toddlers and leave them wanting to listen again & again! Some of the chants, rhymes or songs have a specific meaning and your child will recall the fun activity they did during their sessions eg. dressing up, learning about colours. The CDs are available for parents to buy and will enable you to practise phrases that have been learnt as well as singing along to the familiar songs at home, at bathtime, bedtime or even in the car!