Pre-School & Nursery Classes for 3-4 years
Research has highlighted the benefits of learning languages from an early age and that learning a foreign language is much easier before the age of six or seven. Learning a foreign language in nursery is fun, revolving around games, songs and rhymes, without any pressure. The more fun it is, the more children will acquire without realising and take it in their stride. Early foreign language learning can reinforce literacy skills and nurture enthusiasm. Language development is at its most rapid at this age group. Language learning comes easily to the very young stimulating their imagination.
Young children learn a second language in the same way they learn English, they listen and then they copy.  With La Jolie Ronde's Pre-School and Nursery Programme the emphasis is on familiarity, repetition and having fun!.  Children learn through everyday topics that they are familiar with such as "All about me, growing up, the zoo, the farm, the supermarket, my birthday etc...
La Jolie Ronde Offers:
A unique programme developed specifically for this young age group based around 2 lovely fun characters: Matou and Tounette (French Programme) and Milo and Mapi (Spanish Programme)
An opportunity to have fun whilst learning through fun songs, puppets, finger rhymes, games and crafts such as mask & puppet making
A structured and progressive programme, that children benefit from and which in turn enhances other learning
Small classes & short sessions thus enabling your child to learn with children of his/her own age
Carefully selected & trained tutors so your child starts learning from the very first day
High quality colourful activity book & CD to assist your child’s learning at home
Rewards for special achievements
A good grounding for future language learning