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State Schools

With the government's intention to make the study of a foreign language compulsory at KS2 from September 2014, La Jolie Ronde has everything you need to enable you to start teaching French and Spanish straight a way. We offer comprehensive Schemes of Work in both French and Spanish that follow the MFL Framework and provide a complete solution for Foundation Stage, Key Stages 1 and 2, for both specialist and non-specialist teachers. We also offer full support and training programmes for the Scheme of Work. We also offer a wide range of other classroom resources suitable for ages 3 to 11 years. For more information on our complete range of resources, please visit our language resources shop

Prep Schools
A structured & progressive course for 5 to 12+ year olds available in both French & Spanish. Centered around a methodology which is based on real communication situations suited to the interest, experience and social intellectual development of each age group. Over a 7 year period pupils will begin to read & write independently, experience language learning techniques and will become accustomed to listening. Used by hundreds of Prep Schools in the UK and overseas. For more information on the Structured Course please click here
Extended Course Material age 11+ - On y va! Petites Aventures en France/¡Vamos! Aventuras en España
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Local Authorities
As well as product samples, we offer discounts for bulk purchases. For more information on our complete range of French and Spanish Resources please visit our language resources shop

Tours to Northern France. La Jolie Ronde also offer Educational Trips to France for Schools as well as After School French and Spanish Classes run by our network of experienced licensees.