Our Inspiration

Learning a second language offers a lifetime of opportunities and therefore it is essential, if a child is to embrace languages, that any language experience becomes an enjoyable part of their life. Our lunchtime and after school language clubs encourage children to become confident & enthusiastic language learners, who, in time, will have their talents recognised & provide them with a skill for life

Over 30 Years Experience!

Opened in 1983, La Jolie Ronde has been a unique centre for learning not just a second language but a platform for introducing children to the everyday realities of the country and the culture they are studying. Our award winning programme, which is available for 0-12 year olds, ensures each friendly weekly lesson combines fun with exciting games, story-telling, songs and activities. We have over 1,660 lunchtime and after school language clubs across the UK & Ireland operated by more than 560 tutors and a current membership base of around 20,500 children.

Our Founder Colette

La Jolie Ronde was founded in 1983 by Colette Leclercq-Hallam - Chevalier dans l'Ordre des Palmes Académiques. Colette is a French native and moved to England in 1974 where she married an Englishman and had two children. The language at home was English and Colette soon realised that her children were reluctant to speak French as to do so felt ‘different’ to their friends so she devised some French fun activities, stories & songs to do with them.  Colette continued to develop her methodology & as word got around that learning French was fun, she was approached by many parents & local schools and so began La Jolie Ronde!

Why Learn Another Language?

Our methodology

Enhance Life Skills

Speaking another language opens the door to new possibilities & opportunities. Travel and lifelong friendships are built with the people you meet along the way if you're able to communicate easily

Develop Confidence & Self Esteem

Learning a second language is incredibly rewarding and can enrich personal life too. We encourage children to use language in real life situations which in turn will enable them to overcome fears and doubts leaving them feeling much more confident

Boost Other Learning

Research has found that pupils who study foreign languages, tend to score better at standardised tests than their monolingual peers. This has been particularly noticeable in maths, reading, and vocabulary

Improve Your Employability

Our globalised world means companies are constantly expanding overseas plus dealing with clients from all over the world. Speaking a second language enables you to communicate with a broader network



We are proud to have, over the years, been recognised for not only our outstanding resources but also our extra curricular classes and method of teaching.

La Jolie Ronde extra-curricular classes have been voted by parents as the 'Best National Activity for 5 to 12 year olds' in the 'What's on 4 Junior Awards' for the past 5 years in 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 & 2014.  


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