COVID-19 Coronavirus Frequently Asked Questions

We're aware that this is a very difficult time for all of us as we try to come to terms with the impact the COVID-19 Coronavirus will have on our businesses. We've tried to answer below the questions Licensees and Tutors are asking. This information will be updated as the situation progresses in the UK and Ireland.

Updated Answers - 30th March

What help can I get to cover my loss of earnings?

The UK Government have announced a support package and it can be accessed here:

The Irish Government have announced a support package and it can be accessed here:


New additions - 20th March - These questions have been raised by Licensees over the past few days

I am looking at delivering the lessons online as from next week, Does Zoom meet GDPR requirements?

Yes it does, as the parent is clicking on the link you send them to access, so they are agreeing to access your video session.  You should not record the video lesson as this has huge GDPR implications.


How should I deliver classes to younger (nursery age) children?

Pre-recorded videos are a good option.  You could upload them to your private Facebook or WhatsApp groups, or upload to YouTube and give parents the link to view them.


Can we send pdfs of LJR resources to customers which could be used alongside pre-recorded lessons?  

Yes, all the resource links in the licensee document area have been updated to include individual pdfs or graphics files of book pages, teachers notes, masters, flashcards etc. 



How are Royalties going to work with online classes?  


We have set new royalty rates for any classes running whilst the schools are closed.  We're calling these 'Corona Royalties' and a communication was sent out on the 20th March regarding these?


Can we use La Jolie Ronde songs etc?

Yes, you can use all La Jolie Ronde resources and audio materials in your classes.


What if we have new customers come on board as well as existing ones? 

They would join as a new student would.  We’re happy to deliver books individually to parents addresses.


Can I ask parents to buy gift vouchers to help with cash flow. It feels wrong asking for next term's fees when all is so uncertain, but they could redeem the gift vouchers for recorded lessons, materials and physical classes when they finally start again. 

There are lots of small businesses using this idea and it’s a valid one.  These are unreal times for us all, so any idea is worth a try.


I have decided to offer La Jolie Ronde classes online, however I have had a few parents state they cannot make the session time. Could providing a recorded link of the session be adequate as I do not want to refund them?

If you’re providing a reasonable alternative, then there’s no legal obligation to refund. You should not record the lessons, as the GDPR implications are huge.  A link to a recording of you providing a lesson without pupils on a video link is a good alternative.  YouTube is a good vehicle for this, as you can share videos by a unique link without making them public.


Are we covered on our insurance for online teaching and are our child safeguarding certificates and the enhanced DBS sufficient for this too?

Yes, you’re covered as all the children at the other end of the link are being connected to it by their parent / carer who is responsible for them. You should always advise the parent that must look after their child during the lesson.  What you should avoid, is one to one tuition via video, unless the parent is sat next to the child.


Can I show YouTube videos in my lessons?

The legal position is that you cannot use any YouTube video if you are making a gain from it.


Are there any online activities that La Jolie Ronde can provide?

We're looking at what we can offer, but as our programmes are all designed to be taught in the classroom, we're behind the curve here. As soon as we have anything, I'll communicate it.


Can we use non LJR books? I often read other books like Grand Monstre Vert which is also on the LJR shop, as it covers face parts & colours.

As long as you own the book, you are free to use it.



A school has stated that safeguarding advice (within the school) is that no member of staff may have any visual contact with a pupil in their home and vice-versa and we anticipate that both pupils and staff will be working at home during this period

When you send out the link to the parents, you just need to advise them that they are responsible for their child whilst they are engaged in the session and that they should be with them at all times. The school issue is because children have their own school account they can get to without parental engagement.


Updated Answers - 19th March

The school, nursery or open centre venue I operate in has closed or have asked me to stop classes.  What do I do?

All school and pre-school settings in Ireland closed at 6pm on Thursday 12th March until March 29th (minimum).  

All schools and early years settings in England, Wales and Scotland will close on Friday 20th March for the vast majority of pupils.  Schools will be re-purposed from the 23rd March to provide child-care to those families who are 'Key Workers'.

It is expected that all community type venues will close very soon.

As we are only a couple of weeks from the Easter break, many of your classes will start coming to an end for the term.

You have several options:            

  1. Send work home via email for the children to work on.
  2. Consider using video technology to run remote classes which parents/carers can connect to. Skype and Zoom offer free services which can connect to up to more than 12 people at once ( – up to 50 people for up to 60 minutes, – up to 100 people for up to 40 minutes).
  3. Record lessons and share these via YouTube.
  4. Add extra classes to when you're able to re-start face to face classes.
  5. Offer free classes when you restart.

Where you are offering a replacement class or an alternative, you don’t have to refund.

If you do have to refund, La Jolie Ronde will refund any royalties paid.


New additions - 18th March


What additional resources are available to support learning at home?

Twinkl are offering free access to their online resources for at least 30 days - Sign up here:


Updated Answers - 18th March

I'd like to run classes by Video.  How do I do this?

Using either Skype or Zoom is quite simple, but exactly how to do it varies depending on the type of computer or device you have.  Therefore, it's impossible to provide step by step guidelines here.  Please use the online tutorials if you want to set up video classes.

Zoom Help Centre:

Zoom Video Tutorials:

Zoom live training webinars:

Skype Help Centre:

We recommend that you try it out with friends and/or family members before communicating with parents.

Caroline Dernoncourt is running some online Zoom training on our behalf for licensees - Please visit the Facebook Business Hub for more details.  If you are not a member of the Facebook Business Hub, please email us and let us know the email address you use to access Facebook.  We can then add you to the group.


Original Answers - 17th March

What is COVID-19 Coronavirus?

Full details regarding the virus can be found on the World Health Organisation website here:


What overall guidance do I need to follow?

The guidance differs from country to country, but the latest guidance from the UK and Ireland Governments can be found here:


Will this year's licensee meetings and local ASA meetings be going ahead?

We have cancelled the annual training meetings in London and Bristol. It is too early to decide regarding the Ireland and Scotland meetings at the end of the year.

All local area ASA meetings have also been cancelled until further notice.


Should I continue to sign pupils up for next term? 

Yes, you should continue with your normal routines for enrolment next term.


Do I need to take any extra special measures in my classes?

You should follow your relevant government guidance regarding hand washing and hygiene.  We advise that you do not use props in your classes and have a no-touch rule in place.

If you have any of the symptoms of the virus, you should not run classes.


Do I need to communicate anything extra to parents/carers?

We advise you to inform parents/carers that classes will run unless you advise them otherwise.  You should also advise parents/carers not to send children to classes if they have any symptoms of the virus.  We recommend you send regular updates to parents/carers regarding your classes, so they are kept well informed.


Do I need to stop running my classes?

If your venue is still open, you can continue to run classes if your venue is happy for you to do so.  Please liaise with your venue to confirm.


I can’t run classes as I have symptoms and need to self-isolate?

All 4 options in the answer above also apply in this case.


Most licensees and tutors are self-employed.  What support is available if we can’t work due to illness?

The UK and Irish governments have schemes in place for sick pay for self-employed workers and you should contact the relevant government department for advice.


Are licensees and tutors insured for loss of earnings?

The Public Liability Insurance provided by La Jolie Ronde covers accidents and incidents in classes.  It does not cover loss of earnings.


Will the La Jolie Ronde Head Office be remaining open?

Unless we are told to close by the UK Government, it is our plan to keep the office open while ever we can.  We will be running a skeleton staff in the office and 5 or 6 members of staff will work from home.  Please call or email as normal and we'll pass messages to the relevant person to get back to you.   


I have a question that isn't covered above?

Please get in touch with us via email or telephone with your question.