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Claire Holland

Claire Holland

Tutor Number: 16854

Phone: 0238 0293 703

I was born and raised in France to a French Mother and British Father, and consequently have had the privilege of being brought up bilingual with French as my Mother tongue.  I am passionate about languages and under license of La Jolie Ronde, I teach French to children aged 3 to 11 years old.  I believe La Jolie Ronde provides fantastic programmes, designed specifically for each age group, and my classes are small for maximum impact.

I was awarded the title of Licensee of Year 2018 West England & Wales.

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I was awarded the title of Licensee of the Year 2018 West England & Wales.

I am delighted to have Madame Jodie Roles as my assistant and tutor.  She looks after the younger children from Nurseries/Preschools and Infant classes.  Jodie lived in France in her youth and has a great French accent and pronunciation.  She is as passionate about teaching languages as I am and the children love her enthusiastic approach in her lessons. 

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