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Joy Jermy

Joy Jermy

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Website: www.joyforlanguages.co.uk

Hi there...and a big welcome to my profile page.

Please feel free to get in touch via phone or the form below.

I'm currently in my 25th year with La Jolie Ronde. Where on earth did a quarter of a century go?

I didn't start my career as a language teacher, but rather I was working in mainstream education in the UK as a Primary School teacher, mostly working with Reception Class children.  However, I got the wanderlust and headed off to pastures new, working as both a primary teacher and a teacher of English as a Foreign Language in such exciting places as Turkey, Saudi Arabia (I was teaching the grandchildren of King Fahad) and Kuwait.

I came back to the UK with a husband and a small baby (!) but not for long. We then quite quickly relocated to Europe - to France and Portugal. When we finally settled back in the UK it was here in Richmond upon Thames, a part of the world not previously known to me.

It was then that I 'discovered' La Jolie Ronde, which 25 years ago was a fairly new, up and coming language provider. Aided by Colette Hallam the owner and creator of La Jolie Ronde I set up my own business. Initially, I did all the teaching myself and I've not looked back.  Over the years I’ve looked, but never found, a better language course. La Jolie Ronde focuses on top quality and structured learning, within that important framework of fun and enjoyment.

I oversee the French and Spanish lessons across the Borough and beyond with a team of talented tutors who deliver the lessons each week under the name of Joy for Languages. We regularly have around 450 children each week enjoying and benefiting from our lessons.  I sometimes feel like a Head Teacher, but with multiple schools and nurseries instead of just the one! 

As the French would say, Bonne continuation.............

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