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Over 40 years' experience!

Opened in 1983, La Jolie Ronde is a unique centre for learning a second language and a platform for introducing children to the everyday realities of the country and the culture they are studying. Our award-winning programme, which is available for 0-12 year olds, ensures each friendly weekly lesson combines fun with exciting games, story-telling, songs and activities. We have over 1,000 lunchtime and after-school language clubs across the UK and Ireland operated by more than 300 tutors.

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Our founder Colette

La Jolie Ronde was founded in 1983 by Colette Leclercq-Hallam - Chevalier dans l'Ordre des Palmes Académiques. Colette is a French native and moved to England in 1974 where she married an Englishman and had two children. The language at home was English and Colette soon realised that her children were reluctant to speak French as to do so felt ‘different’ to their friends, so she devised some French fun activities, stories and songs to do with them. Colette continued to develop her methodology and as word got around that learning French was fun, she was approached by many parents and local schools, and so began La Jolie Ronde!

Why learn another language?

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Enhance life skills

Speaking another language opens the door to new possibilities and opportunities. It encourages people to travel and lifelong friendships are built with the people you meet along the way if you're able to communicate easily.

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Boost other learning

Research has found that pupils who study foreign languages tend to score better at standardised tests than their monolingual peers. This has been particularly noticeable in maths, reading, and vocabulary.

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Develop confidence & self-esteem

Learning a second language is incredibly rewarding and can enrich personal life too. We encourage children to use language in real life situations, which in turn will enable them to overcome fears and doubts, leaving them feeling much more confident.

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Improve your employability

Our globalised world means companies are constantly expanding overseas and dealing with clients from all over the world. Speaking a second language enables you to communicate with a broader network.

Enjoy happy language learning with La Jolie Ronde

We offer language learning through weekly extra-curricular French and Spanish classes, and the supply of EYFS, KS1 and KS2 language teaching resources, to state schools, academies and independent schools.

What makes us different

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Quality brand

With La Jolie Ronde you have the security and reassurance of a long and proven experience of teaching French and Spanish to young children. Our programmes are used as part of the curriculum in hundreds of top prep schools in the UK and are taught in countries across the world, including the USA, Indonesia, Australia, South America, Africa, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Canada and Japan. Our Founder, Colette Hallam, has had her achievements in bringing the French language to a wider audience recognised by the French Government who awarded Colette the honour of "Chevalier dans L'Ordre des Palmes Académiques".

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Superior resources

Over 60% (and growing on a daily basis) of UK primary schools have chosen our French and Spanish programmes, schemes and resources to teach their pupils. Teaching and learning a language couldn't be easier with our award-winning French and Spanish resources. We reward and motivate pupils through our programmes, and past and current pupils enjoy working with our resources, leaving Key Stage 2 as skilled, confident and enthusiastic language learners.

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Loyal network

With years of development, dedication and experience in the sector of early language learning, La Jolie Ronde has become the market leader, committed to offering the best possible start to young learners. This could not have been achieved without our excellent and loyal network of over 300 tutors (some of whom have been with us for over 20 years) who teach in over 1,000 centres across the UK and Ireland.

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