Monday, 19 Mar 2018

Licensees Meeting for London and the South

Royal National Hotel in London

Excellent turn out from our Licensees from London & The South

Not even the 'mini beast from the east' could keep our Licensees and Tutors from London and the South away from their annual training meeting this weekend at the Royal National Hotel in London.

The Meeting was opened by General Manager Steve Baker who welcomed everyone. He continued with a full company update then introduced a humorous presentation, presented by Licensee and Area Support Advisor Emma Hodder, entitled 'A Day in the Life of a Licensee'. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and found it highly amusing! Licensees then benefitted from group discussions on running your business and teaching classes. After lunch Licensee Achievements were announced as well as the much awaited "Licensee of the Year".

5 Years Service Awards

5 Years Service

We have 6 licensees and 3 tutors who have reached their 5 years service, congratulations to:

Maria Asiain - tutor, Sarah Austen, Victoria Bygrave - tutor, Penny Hardcastle, Marianne Hearder, Heather Kerswell - tutor, Kathryn Martinez, Nalini Parry, Claire Sutton.

10 years, 15 years and 20 years service

We are delighted that we have several 4 licensees who have completed 10 years service, 3 licensees who have completed 15 years and 1 licensee who has completed an amazing 20 years running their business with La Jolie Ronde. These are all incredible achievements and are testament to them, not only as fantastic teachers, but also successful business people. In order to reach such an impressive milestone demonstrates continued dedication and commitment to their business and to the children they teach, not to mention bags of enthusiasm and passion for teaching languages. The licensees in question run their businesses across Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, London, Surrey, Bedfordshire and Kent and have all maintained really good pupil numbers over the years, which is another indication of a successful business.

We are extremely proud of each and every one of you.

Congratulations to: -

10 years service

Scarlette Abrahamian

Deborah Brayshaw

Yvonne Foster

Stephanie Lepelletier

15 years service

Johanna Fletcher

Catherine Schramm

Kathy Teape

20 years service

Jane Holland

10 Years Service - Yvonne Foster, Deborah Brayshaw, Scarlette Abrahamian, Stephanie Lepelletier

15 years service - Kathy Teape, Johanna Fletcher, Catherine Schramm

20 years service for Jane Holland

Regional Licensee of the year - Karine Chassot


Karine joined La Jolie Ronde just 4 years ago and started with 18 pupils. In this fairly short space of time her business has gone from strength to strength and due to demand for her classes, she now has a tutor who helps her teach over 150 course pupils a week.

Karine is a popular teacher, loved by all her children. She is friendly and kind and extremely enthusiastic plus hardworking across all areas. She is keen to learn and keen to deliver top class lessons.

We are really happy to award the Regional Licensee of the Year for London and the South of England to Karine.